Electrical products form an essential part of our everyday lives. Almost in every home, there are electric products ranging from power outlets, extension leads, phone chargers, computer cables among others.

Unfortunately, none of these electrical products have been creatively designed with the safety of the children. The majority of them that have been designed in a way that they can minimize the chances of a child being electrocuted have the ends being left naked and this still poses a great risk to children.

However, most of the electric products companies are trying to minimize the risk by producing supplement products that help in preventing the children from being in contact with the naked cable ends. For instance, some companies have introduced cable/charger caps that can be inserted at the heads of the charger to prevent the chances of being electrocuted. This is a great invention that has
helped prevent children from electric shock from the chargers.

However, some people have complained of the caps not being firm and can be removed by children at any time. In addition, double cord and head coating have been seen as a solution to minimize children’s electrocution. In this case, the cords are coated with two layers of insulators so that, in the event, the outer layer tears out, the inner layer of the cord insulator will prevent the child from
being electrocuted. Similarly, the heads are being coated with a plastic or rubber insulator on the outer part of the head where the child may be in contact with and this minimizes the chances of electric shock to the child. An example of insulated cord heads is the network/ethernet cords which have a plastic insulator fitted at both ends of the cords.

Zap Free Cable Swot Analysis


  • Light in Weight
The Zap Free Cable is very light in weight as it only has 0.2 lbs. this makes it easier for the
users to carry it whenever they go without feeling tired of its weight.
  • Creative Design
The Zap Free Cable has an attractive design that shows creativity in its. Its design is irresistible to anyone who is looking for creativity in the product. Besides, it has been designed with a Self-moving mechanism that moves the cover back and forth while in use or not.
  • Less Competition
Currently, Zap Free Cable has not much competition from the market as most of the electrical products especially the mobile industry has not designed child-safe cords protectors for their charger cords. This makes it easy for the Zap Free Cable to gain a higher share in the market.


  • Targeted on the Mobile Phone Cords
Zap Free Cable seems to target the mobile phone customer segment. This can be a major weakness to its sales volume because there are many electric cords that are used in homes that pose electric shock risk to children and the risk needs to be minimized too.
  • High Product Pricing
For customers who are price cautious, $50 for a single child safe cord protector is too high.The majority of customers will prefer average priced products that can fit their budget.


  • Digital Marketing
The presence of digital marketing is a great opportunity for marketing the product through available digital platforms.
  • Partnership
The company can make partnership agreements with mobile phone and cable companies to supply the products to them.
  • Product Diversification
The company can diversify its product by producing similar products for other types of cords that pose an electrical shock to the children.


  • Competition
The company faces a threat from the existing companies that produce safe child cord protectors.
  • The threat of New Entrants
The entrance of new companies with huge capital investment in the market is a major threat that can outshine Zap Free Cable from the market which may lead to reduced sales and market share.
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